Cabergoline For Bodybuilding

Dostinex's generic counterpart, Cabergoline, is sold under the name Cabergoline. Prolactin levels rise when a tumor in the pituitary gland is present, and this medicine was developed to treat that condition. Cabergoline also shows efficacy in relieving high prolactin levels, curing Cushing's disease, and treating Parkinson's disease in a novel way. Aside from bodybuilders, the medication was useful for people with severe disabilities and those taking anabolic steroids, which can increase the blood concentration of prolactin. Each pill contains 0.5mg of the active ingredient and is available as either a liquid or a pill.

The action the Cabergoline 

The medication reduces the production of prolactin, allowing more testosterone to be produced. It aids in the prevention of gynecomastia in men taking steroid therapy. Additionally, it counteracts the negative effects of anabolic steroids, such as decreased sex desire and erection problems.

This is due to the connection between  Cabergoline 1mg and an increase in testosterone in men taking the medication. Their libido is strong, and the chances of them having problems getting erections are almost nonexistent. Furthermore, in men, the refractory period is often shortened or completely absent. As a result, they may have several orgasms while ejaculating in a short period of time.

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