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The portuguese pharmaceutical industry has experienced radical changes since the last decade of the 20th century. In spite of the difficulties, the pharmaceutical sector in Portugal is expanding and growing. This article comments this evolution and presents figures of the market during the present decade of the 21st century.

The contribution of Portugal to what we could roughly describe as civilization is noteworthy. Unfortunately, this fact is not always appropriately known because of the very particular location of this country. Portugal is composed of a continental part and two Atlantic archipelagos (Madeira and Azores). Although continental Portugal is situated in the south-west of the European mainland, it could be easily considered a kind of “big island”, paralleling the situation of Chile in South America. Portugal is far away from the European core and it contacts with just one only other country, Spain. As the relations between both countries have not always been friendly enough, it would not be wrong to say that Spain “separates” Portugal from the rest of Europe. In spite of these shortcomings, nowadays Portugal is a country possessing a population of ten million and three hundred thousand inhabitants and a remarkable pharmaceutical sector. This is why, we have considered that it might be interesting to offer an outline of the present situation of this sector and of the evolution it has had in the last half century.


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