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INTABIOTECH SLU es la entidad comercializadora de la Compañía ND Pharma & Biotech, una empresa Europea con vocación internacional líder en investigación e innovación en campos como la salud, medicina, farmacia, alimentación, nutrición, biotecnología, etc.

ND Pharma & Biotech has made a commitment to give more hope to the life of today and tomorrow. Bringing ingredients, active principles and novel molecules to the different industries and sharing with most of them, (our clients) such commitment, to let themselves to create, manufacture,  and deliver the most advanced solutions to worldwide patients and let them to treat and fight against their aggressive conditions and diseases, specifically in the case of cancer. (Oncology), NeuroSciences, Rare and Ultra-Rare Diseases, Food, Nutrition, Agriculture, Fisheries, Pharma, Medical, Healthcare, Research and Development, Innovation, Beverages, Animal Health and a varied number of sectors and fields.

We help them to create really innovative solutions that will make the difference, improving genuinely their lives and the life of affected people an promoting excellence in disease prevention and health maintenance. To get these things possible we are embraced in a number of high-profile / top-class investigations and research, focusing on the discovery of novel molecules and therapies designed and engineered for unmet medical and health demands and conditions, including but not limited to certain types of cancer and oncological diseases as solid tumors, like pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and advanced renal cell carcinoma, as well as other hematological/oncological conditions, Alzheimer´s Disease, Schizophrenia, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis, Infections, Tropical Health, Stem Cells, and a multiple-lines of open investigation and innovation.

But our mission, do not appear only when the disease is onset and clinically evolved. We are going further back to the point of participate throughout our Food & Nutrition Division, on the most extensive detoxification programs and products (broad consumption), till the point of making possible our vision of removal the chemical – toxic elements and cellular waste deposits present within our body, and coming up from the food and alimentary chain, mean, ingested within foods. In this effort we are praying to get every producer, processor or seller involved with this ideal, that are for us the true reason for living and doing what we do, and every other effort that we should have to do,. By such means we are promoting and cultivating the meaningful spirit of making life better, just making things much better than any others are doing it now. That is the hope for tomorrow that challenges us.

MARCAS: ND Pharma & Biotech administra más de 50 marcas diferenciadas en el mercado además de un catálogo completo de +150.000 referencias en la industria a la que pertenece, API´s, Química Fina, etc.

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Dirección / Juan de la Cierva, 5

CP / 15008

Provincia / Coruña,La

Población / A CORUÑA

Teléfono / 981 10 15 25

Fax / 981 92 54 18

NIF / B98554967

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