por L. Domínguez Díaz, V. Fernández-Ruiz y M. Cámara Hurtado, Nutrition and Food Science Department, Pharmacy Faculty, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) 27 de febrero, 2020 Artículos técnicos comentarios Bookmark and Share
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Nutraceuticals with bioactive compounds are  functional products in the frontier food-pharma which are challenged to enhance human health by complementing the diet and reducing the risk of pathological conditions. Nutraceuticals and prescribed medicines could create a powerful alliance in order to face and manage certain chronic diseases.

As the direct link between the eating habits and human health has been repeatedly demonstrated by strong scientific evidence, consumer awareness on the importance of a healthy diet is increasingly higher [1]. Food is an excellent source  of nutrients and other substances (e.g. bioactive compounds) which promote beneficial effects in the organism and contribute to the maintenance of a good well-being and life quality [2]. However, modern lifestyle in developed societies as in Europe, makes it difficult to maintain a balanced diet and ingest all the nutrients and compounds necessary to sustain the crucial body functions and prevent illness [3, 4].


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