6 de octubre, 2023
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UB-FARMATEC is a cutting-edge pilot plant, with the capacity to produce investigational medicines for clinical trials in solid, semi-solid and non-sterile liquid forms. Our facility is strategically located at the Bellvitge Health Campus, a first-rate health HUB.

The collaboration of UB-FARMATEC and SDM (Medicine Development Service) constitutes a strategic binomial and vital alliance in research, development and technology transfer within the healthcare sector. This encompasses pharmaceutical products, veterinary medicine, medical devices, nutritional supplements, dietary products, cosmetics and the production of clinical batches. The synergy between SDM-FARMATEC constitutes a distinctive technology transfer center, unique in its kind, affiliated with the University of Barcelona. It provides a pathway for turning ideas into marketable products in the environment of a public educational institution like the university.

Objectives of the SDM-FARMATEC binomial

• To serve as a pivotal partner for comprehensive and innovative projects in the within the healthcare sector, fostering collaboration with the hospital network and industry.

• To enhance patient well-being through expertise, knowledge, and a strong social commitment.

Capabilities and Resources of the SDM-FARMATEC binomial

• We specialize in the development of a wide range of studies tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

• Our facility maintains dedicated research areas, including:

  • Advancements in drug delivery using nanoparticles.
  • Research and development of novel paediatric presentations.
  • Design of modified-release pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Formulation and preparation of medicines for rare diseases.

• We possess the capability to manufacture batches for clinical trials, pilot batches and registration batches.

Key Achievements to Date

• We hold an impressive portfolio of 35 patents, both nationally and internationally, covering a spectrum of innovative products.

• Our track record includes more than 370 projects, collaborating with both national and international pharmaceutical companies.

• We have secured 32 competitive research grants.

• We have been involved in 14 institutional competitive research projects.

• Our commitment to fostering talent is evident collaborating with 7 industrial doctorates.


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