Despite being a reputable printer brand, there are times when you can face issues with your Epson printer. However, these issues do not only occur with Epson printers but with all printers. If you are a regular printer user, you should get used to such issues and also learn some basic troubleshooting techniques to fix them without any help. One such issue that Epson printer user's face is Epson printer not printing black. The issue can arise due to various reasons like if your printer cartridge has run out of black ink if the printhead is clogged etc. such an can also occur due to printer driver issues i.e. if the drivers installed on your device are outdated or corrupted. Another reason that can trigger this problem is print paper-related issues or problems with source data. To fix Epson printers not printing black ink, you just need to perform a few troubleshooting steps and it will be back in its perfect state. If you are also experiencing this issue with your Epson printer, then you might want to visit our Epson Support website to know more about these troubleshooting steps. We hope you get through it easily however if you can’t make it, let us help you.

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