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The counter for your Asthalin inhaler is found at the top of the metal canister. The arrow points to the number of inhalations or puffs remaining. After you have primed the inhaler for the first time, the counter will read either 120 or 60, depending on which size was provided to you.

Each time you release a puff from the inhaler, the counter will count down.

When the arrow gets close to 20, you will notice the beginning of the yellow zone, indicating that it is time to call for a refill. Discard the inhaler when the arrow points to the red zone and reads zero (0), or 3 months after it is taken out of its pouch, whichever comes first. Your inhaler may not feel empty and may continue to operate, but you will not get the right amount of medicine if you keep using it. You can also use Seroflo Inhaler and Aerocort Inhaler at a cheap price from Arrowmeds.

Duolin Inhaler 20 mcg ought to be controlled with outrageous alert to patients being treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors or tricyclic antidepressants or inside about fourteen days of cessation of such operators, on the grounds that the activity of salbutamol on the vascular framework might be potentiated.

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